Marking Time

By Libra


Well, it’s been quite a novelty today listening to myself talking on BBC World News Service about my four years in Craig-y-nos castle, the children’s TB sanatorium, in a remote corner of Wales.
Some staff became our surrogate mothers like “Auntie Maggie” ( see extra.)
While living out on the open balcony I developed an interest in astronomy. After all we had a ringside view of the sky every night.
I found this photo of Florence (right) and myself with our books and charts.
Photography was our main hobby. I think most of us owned Box Brownie cameras and when I came to write my book, The Children of Craig-y-nos, I was inundated with photos- over 1,000.
I was impressed with the way the BBC  interviewer Louise Hidalgo managed to compress into 9 minutes an interview lasting over an hour and yet capture the essence of the place.
Thank you Louise!
Link to BBC podcast

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