Hospital visiting

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my podcast as a child in a Welsh sanatorium, which was aired on BBC World News Service yesterday.
I am most touched that anyone should be interested in this strange piece of social history.
WelshMaid50 asked if my parents visited because she remembers when she was a child she was not allowed to see her mother who had TB and was in hospital.
That was the custom – no children permitted inside a TB hospital.
Yes, my parents did visit, once a month and my mother never missed throughout all four years I was there. Father stopped coming after a while.
We were lucky in that my mother was able to drive otherwise she would have had to make a long journey by pubic transport after walking to the nearest town, Crickhowell.
A weird custom at the time was the searching of all visitors’ bags for “unsuitable items” i.e. food.
These were confiscated

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