Child tied to bed

Roger Wyn Beynon (pictured above ) on the outside veranda of Craig-y-nos castle in the late 1940s where he spent five years.
Note the straps tying him to the bed.
Our time overlapped though we never knew each other since children were strictly segregated. 
Roger gives a heart-rending account of his stay there in the award winning film Hear me now made by students at Stirling University.
He has a magnificent voice and his singing at the end of this short film is full of Welsh passion.
The film went on to win numerous awards including the best student documentary at the Royal Television Society annual awards at the British Film Institute.
Here I have a wee confession to make. The director, Maria Craig, was a mature film student and very old friend of mine whom I first interviewed when I worked on the Glasgow Herald.
One day she rung me up and asked if she could interview me for a film project for their final year.
 Podcast: BBC World News Service

Book: Children of Craigynos- Ann Shaw and Carole Reeves

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