When is something not what it says

When these tables were originally installed a few weeks ago they were right outside a cafe doing a take away service. I thought this made something of a mockery of the "take away" concept. It was not really a take away service, more of a garden service. I think somebody with the authority to do something about it must have thought so too. They are now slightly further away. Still close, but at least not right outside the door.

No photoshop trickery today. The day was mostly cloudy, but as has been quite common recently, the sun came out in the evening.

My walk today again took me into Union Street to see what is going on following the further slight easing of the lock down rules. Quite a few shops open, a few more but not many people around, nothing like "normal". Likewise for the traffic, noticeably more buses though. These were proceeding very slowly as they edged their way though all the traffic cones.

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