On Some Days

By V1k1

Lunch Stop

It was an easy drive south this morning with light traffic.  We stopped for a picnic lunch at the St James Walkway in the Lewis Pass.  I struggled to expose the sky correctly so I have cropped it off and you have the reflections in the tarn.  A highlight was talking to the Department of Conservation Ranger whose job for today was replacing wire netting on the board walks so walkers don't slip on the wet wood.  He had an accent an I said where was home for you?  Wyoming was the reply.  I also asked did a young woman bring you to New Zealand.  His witty reply was yes, Kiwi birds don't fly but they sure get around.  He was working on a ranch in the Big Horn Mountains and knew the places I mentioned I had been too.  He now has a wife and three children so I think he is settled here.  He has kept his speech patterns from the U.S and called us sir and ma'am and referred to his home as his homestead.  I find that charming. 
We continued on to Christchurch and are now at the lovely daughters house.  She is working late this evening so we will cook her dinner.   

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