On Some Days

By V1k1

Flower Friday . . . Frozen Hydrangea

A good frost this morning and the closest flower in my daughter's garden was this hydrangea bush.  This morning the forester took the grand puppy to the groomers.  She is a lab/husky cross and sheds a lot of fur even in winter.  She was picked up at lunch time smelling much better and looking fluffy.  We visited friends and then went out to see my sister and have a catch up with a cousin.  Neither of us remember when we last saw each other.  She is a year and a day and an hour older than me.  She had been planning a trip to Ireland to visit our grandfathers family farm or what is left of it.  My nephew had been there a few years ago.  Family stories were shared and my nephew took notes.  Not to be morbid but my sister is eighty and next week having a hernia operation.   If you want to know the history now is the time to ask.   We did this earlier in the year.  https://www.blipfoto.com/entry/2669427657984181227
I took a photo of my mother's wedding party taken in 1935.  My cousins parents were the attendants.  I can see my daughter in  my mother's face and my son in my father's face and bearing..        

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