By pandieb


ZAD108 - Surprise

Another busy Thursday. And a wet one, not that you'd tell from the picture.

Some of you may recall I started some dental work in January, brought to an abrupt halt in March. I emailed  my dentist yesterday with what I thought was a general enquiry about when it was likely to restart and he said he had a cancellation today, could I go in for a 'review'. Now to me that sounded like a poke about, maybe some x-rays and a plan to do the rest of the work.

Imagine my surprise, after being temp checked and smothered in hand sanitizer, when he said he was going to start the rest of the work. I wasn't expecting that. So now I have a mouthful of stitches and metalwork,  and a sore jaw again.

I'm not that unhappy. I wanted it done.

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