By Ronniebofa

Strange day: somethings late, somethings early.

It was a day of contrasts in terms of timings. I have never harvested onions or runner beans so early in the summer before and the sweet peas are at least 2 weeks in advance in terms of flower production.
This contrasts to today’s announcement that the wearing of face coverings will be mandatory in shops and indoor public areas in Scotland from 10th July. To me this measure is 14 weeks late.
The wearing of masks should have been compulsory since the start of the pandemic and the only reason it wasn’t was the woeful lack of PPE in the U.K. and an impossibility to implement such a policy because of this.
The value of face masks was downplayed for fear that demand from the general public would make it even more difficult to supply the NHS and the care sector. Perhaps if there had been a readily available supply and the wearing of face masks had been compulsory earlier the death rate from Covid in the U.K. would not be one of the highest in the world.

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