By feorlean

LD 102 Reminder

I was in Dunoon today for the first time in 15 weeks, with the exception of a trip to deliver scrubs during May which was just in and out of a street in Hunter's Quay.

I don't know when these signs went up but they are very useful and a good initiative by the Dunoon Presents BIDS Project.   This one is in the car park of Morrisons and as can be seen it was also a dreich wet day and still is as I write this - almost 40mm of rain at Feorlean since the early hours of this morning and more forecast. 

I had expected there to be more people about  in the town and there to be more shops open but  people are clearly taking their time and not over reacting to the slow easing of lockdown.  

Today was the first day for a number of things including access to self contained holiday accommodation.   People are however being cautious and some are nervous about the process that is underway .

That is a good thing and reminding us all that the pandemic is not over and that precautions and care are still essential is sensible and helpful.  

Staying at home and working from home  is still the default position for many and that is right too. 

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