Lost in Thought

By steveng


Rachel is very impressed with her new headset and background image,  less so with the Babel Fish which came as part of the deal :-) 

I spent a fair proportion of the day colouring their front door, in Photoshop, so they could  have a think about a potential colour.  This turned out to be a good learning experience as the door is currently black and it is not possible to replace black with a colour!  Well, not with a hue/saturation layer as there is no real colour to select in the black.

I ended up faffing about with a mask, a solid colour layer and blending modes which did eventually give a result good enough for what they wanted.  It was also a very good introduction to using the tablet instead of a mouse .... definitely seeing the potential there.

After that I realised I had reached the blending modes tutorial of the 30 days of Photoshop course I have been following.  I quite like the style of it so I might go for some of their paid for options once I get to the end of the free course.

In the extra - quite the reverse - I wound a film back into the cassette when I only wanted to take it out of the camera and reload it.  Getting the film leader out might have been a trial but I found a YouTube video on using another piece of film and some two sided tape ... which worked!

Hope everyone has a good weekend!

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