By Arachne

Yet another flower

This uncharacteristic glut of flowers from me is the result partly not taking my camera out in search of geometry because I'm staying at home getting on with stuff post-move/avoiding Covid-19, and partly my delight at what suddenly appears in this unknown garden. I don't know much about plants so I assumed the long spiky leaves I've been walking round for the last month would be what long spiky leaves were in my old garden - montbretia. Not at all, they turned out to be these exuberant lilies.

Mid afternoon the Wonderful Brother showed up. A week ago he told me who supplies scaffold-pole fixings, so I internetted and ordered, and when they arrived three days ago I phoned him for some advice about screws. He told me he'd be nearby today and would bring some, and some extra-long rawl-plugs. Not only that: he brought some high-quality tools and all his expertise so before I even got near starting the job, he'd done it. 

The newly painted, fixed-to-the-wall pole is not, I very much hope, going to move, so it will probably get blipped one day when there isn't a new bit of garden turning my head. The pole-painting is finished, but so as to get maximum coverage out of the brush I'm going to have to throw away, I got it out of its airtight plastic to paint the rusty garden gate, a job that would not have even reached to to-do list for at least three years in other circumstances. And then again four hours later for another coat.

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