By Lizimagiz

Waiting for a Bite

These three young folk are down at the end of the Riwaka Wharf at high tide. There was a sudden Southerly storm overnight and the wind was still pretty cold this afternoon. The fishers are sheltering behind their car and Chloe is wrapped up in a rug. Will, in the blue checked hoodie, is a little more serious about catching a meal than Tom who is busy on his mobile phone whilst casually hanging onto his fishing rod. He is lucky he didn't snag a big snapper and get hauled off the wharf. Rachel, my photographer friend, wondered if Tom was on the phone ordering fish and chips, just in case.....
I talked with the group re Blipfoto and said if a pic of them was half decent then they may well find themselves on the internet tonight. They will be looking for themselves, so please say nice things.... ;-))

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