Northern Star

By Lifferz


After a calm and pleasantly productive day my evening has been unexpected, strange and a bit concerning.

Got a phone message about some family news (not great), had to call a couple of family members to try and smooth things over, calm things down and check they were ok. Not sure how much it helped but things felt acceptable by the end of the call. Discovered my landline is broken in the process.

Decided to tidy and thin the books in the front room (there are far too many books). I’ve got two carrier bags full to donate to charity and I’ve still got two book cases to sort. I suspect that charity shops won’t be taking donations for a couple of months at least as I believe they’ve received so much stuff due to lockdown clear-outs!

My Dad and brother have a bit of a stressful day tomorrow- I’m hoping all goes well for them.

The blip shows a book I’ve had for about 15 years - I couldn’t recall if I got it from my grandma or maybe a charity shop. Strangely, after my earlier family stress I picked this book up (as part of the sort out) and an envelope fell out with a name and address on it. A few bits of card and photos were in the envelope. The man and the woman on the photos have names that are known to me but they are not relatives. They are a very strong link to the stressful family news. It was all very strange, felt significant and I had a real feeling of ‘seriousness’ and foreboding.

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