By DonnaWanna

A Bit Of Silliness

I’ve had a great Saturday which was off to a pleasant slow start but smartened up when Julian arrived.

We shopped for a few things that he needed and had a nice lunch then headed out to G’s for our usual afternoon tea.  G has just purchased a new digital piano and we wanted a demo so he played for us and it was wonderful to just sit back and enjoy ;o)

I took Julian home late in the afternoon and spent some time there with all the guys which is always nice as they are a lovely bunch.

I’ll probably be catching up (weather permitting) with Doyley and Ninniex tomorrow in Fremantle for a Mono Challenge, so exciting to catch up with these two lovely Blippers again!  I’ve just spent some time figuring out how to take in camera mono images and it was easy so I’ve been snapping shots of silly things and playing around....suddenly its 10.30pm and I havent done todays blip eeeeek!!   

Here is one of them, I have been flicking a lot of paint around lately and I think thats whats all over this little mirror, I liked the sense of movement there and its suitably silly for a Saturday ( In Memory of Admirer xxx).

In extras is a shot of the amazing clouds that were around this morning, mono and fairly minimal for hobbs ;o)

I must away to the bed, catch up tomorrow night for sure ;o)x

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