By DonnaWanna

A Blipping Good Day Out

Have had a wonderful day out with Ninniex and Doyley, took over 200 photos and we walked about 4.5 km over the day and covered a lot of different areas of Fremantle which is a very interesting place.

So many shots to choose from but the main gives a good idea of the cloudage that was around this morning. In extras are a massive cactus which was bursting into flower at the Little Creatures Brewery where we stopped for lunch.  Bon Scott (AC/DC) is still singing in Freo ;o). Doyley with a buoy! lol.  A seagull thinking he might break the rules and a seagull brawl over some goodies thrown at them!

All in all a fabulous time was had by all and I look forward to doing it again soon!! :o)xxx

The big storm has just hit us tonight with lots of very loud thunder and huge bolts of lightning and Toto has his ThunderShirt on but is still looking a bit scared as he’s sitting quietly in the dark bathroom and shaking just a little bit....hopefully it will blow over pretty quickly ; (

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