By Knottman2


You can see from the leaves of this Tutsan that it is a day designed to keep thousands off the beaches.
Tutsan ( Hypericum androsaemum) is an interesting plant. It is in the St. John’s-wort family. The leaves are heart shaped and when dry have a scent reminiscent of cigar boxes and candied fruit. Many decades ago they were traditionally used as bookmarks, especially for the Bible. Indeed in the West country they were often called Bible leaf. The common name comes from the French toute-saine meaning all-heal. It had a reputation as a healing herb.

After having shared the village mainly with locals it is not surprising that visitors were back, even in the rain. But who can blame them? I would not have wanted to be living in a city apartment for all those weeks.

My extra shows that the weather did not deter one visitor from seeking some excitement.

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