A lovely relaxed day today despite not having work I was up early as Minstrel disturbed me wanting feeding . I could have gone back to bed for a hour but decided not to as I wanted to go to the butchers early . Once back home it was breakfast and a relaxing morning watching some NRL rugby League. We watched 2 games then had a spot of lunch and then went for a walk in search of a blip. Rather overcast but still quite warm with a few spots of rain. Plenty of wildlife around  which included butterflies , bees and ladybirds , I also found a Longhorn beetle which I allowed Julie to blip as I have blipped 3 before. 
I decided to go with this Ladybird sat on a thistle head .
Back home for a 3rd NRL match and now watching football (Arsenal) the team my son supports .
A relaxing evening with a film and a few beers .

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