That's exactly how I feel

- Legs won't work.
- Not quite sure what's happened to my body.
- Been flat on my back in the bath for an hour.

Strangely, the decking looks almost exactly the same as it did 48 hours ago. Hopefully, we now have a stable sunken structure with a border that won't let the soil collapse in.  

You know in a dream when you want to run but it's all going in slow motion?  Well that happened to me today, except I was hitting in stakes for the borders.  Everything started going in slow motion and I realised I could no longer lift the short sledgehammer.  It felt like a nightmare.  I am still to wake up.

Hopefully, that's the hardest bit done. The egg shape is now 'just' tricky.  We hope.

Seriously, though - I can barely walk.  Stairs are epic.

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