Down a rabbit hole

Amazing what you find!

I can't pretend this was my discovery though.  A lady was doing the reverse circuit to Little Dog and me this morning and when I met her the second time, she asked if I took landscapes or wildlife so I told her a bit of both.

With great excitement (for both of us), C told me that she'd noticed a rabbit hole yesterday but that today it was full of bees and did I want to know where it was. Did I?! 

She very kindly retraced her steps and took me to the very spot, having to then do a double circuit!  This is what she'd discovered.  It's the first bumblebee nest I've seen so I'm not really sure what was going on but it appeared to have been disturbed by something as the nest was quite open and there were egg casings around the entrance to the burrow.  A dog, fox or badger maybe?

There was still plenty of life and I have read that worker bees get rid of rubbish from the nest so I'm guessing really.  Fascinating though and wonderful to see them all bustling about.

Thank you very much, C - I hope you find me! I've added a couple of extras today - thought you might like to see them too.

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