By Colstro

The Guide

I went down to the main road in town tonight to see how busy the pubs were.  Now this town is never a hub of activity, but a Saturday night is normally fairly busy in the pubs and restaurants.  I thought I might find queues outside, waiting for suitably socially distanced spaces inside to become free.  In fact, it was all fairly quiet.  No queues outside.  No-one sitting at the tables outside.  A few people inside, but not excessively busy.

The restaurants were the same.  It may be that I visited fairly early in the evening; perhaps it got a bit busier later on - but I was back home by then.

I did see this guy wandering along.  I thought at first he was taking lots of pictures of the town, but then I realised he was talking - presumably on a video call. He appeared to be describing the town and showing his contact the sights (such as they are) -  a guided tour. I'm not expecting a rush of tourists as a result.

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