The flash is back

An early start to the day as Murphy wanted to go out at 4:30. I took the opportunity to check on the sourdough and it was looking good. I suspect that by the time I checked it again at 9 it was past its best and I should have knocked it back and let it rise again before cooking it. But I cooked it anyway. It’s ok but not my best.

HtP came round and we did some gardening before my hair appointment. It was lovely to see everyone but the staff all had to wear visors and the customers had to wear masks. I don’t know why but wearing a mask was very claustrophobic. There were screens everywhere to keep the customers apart from each other.

My hair will look more like me when I’ve washed it.

HtP met me afterwards and we delivered a present to a friend. While I’d been at the hairdressers HtP cut my grass for me. Thank you.

We had a take away pizza for dinner.

And the ladies at the hairdressers liked their face scrubbies.

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