By tondrijfhamer

17 years and one week

Because of our 17th wedding anniversary last week (27th june) we should have gone to restaurant "Bij de Molen" in Ten Post last Saturday, but we postponed that one week for obvious reasons.
Today we went after all.

I've been home since yesterday, had a rather good nights sleep in my own bed and am trying to get my mind on other things for at least a while. That's more difficult than I thought though.

In the morning Daan and I went to search for sand for his vegetable-garden/allotment. White sand, underlayment for the path he wants to make. I found an address nearby (in Holwierde) where cheap sand should be available.
In the extra photo section I've put a few photos about that succesfull event. It also turned out to be a proper weight-test of the trailer I've bought a while ago. It could (barely) hold the estimated amount of 800kg sand. 11 wheelbarrows.

In the afternoon I worked and cleaned a bit in my own garden at home and around 18.30 we went to the restaurant with the four of us for a nice dinner.

Despite this relaxed day it feels as if everything is under a grey mist. As if all the glow has gone. A constant worrying feeling. Difficult times.

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