By Doyley22


What a day!  Ninniex, DonnaWanna and I had a blip meet in Fremantle today.  We weren't sure if we would make it as rain and storms were forecast and as I type they have finally arrived.
We walked to Bathers' Beach, the Fishermen's Wharf, lunch at Little Creatures, the park and a stroll through the streets of Fremantle.
It's interesting watching the experts at work, ie N and DW, almost distracting, in a good way.  :))
Main blip is the hard workers at Little Creatures;
1st extra - serious discussion at Bathers' Beach;
2 - blue fishing boats at Fishermen's Wharf; 
3 - the gorgeous Ninniex and DonnaWanna;
4 - fishing rod and gaff hook at the North Mole on our way home from Fremantle and
5 - Sunrise this morning (before the mono challenge).

Ninniex set the theme for us today of mono.  I need practice.
The storm clouds were slowly evolving throughout the day.
We had a terrific time, I was pooped when I arrived home.
That's it folks, goodnight and have a great week.
Thanks, Ninniex and DonnaWanna. X

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