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Farm Building

Poor Finlay has managed to hurt himself somehow and is confined to quarters! Thinking back it may have happened on our walk early yesterday, as he was very slow coming home and I almost had to drag him along. I don’t quite know what he he is never off lead and he certainly didn’t yelp or anything. By afternoon he could hardly move, watching him trying to get up was so difficult. Sent a video to our vet (daughter!) and she thought he might be lame. Prescribed paracetamol (wrapped in a cheese slice) and rest. He was still stiff this morning, but at least he could get up relatively easily. More medicine administered, although he wasn’t quite so compliant as last night. He is 7+ years old, and been without a leg for more than 6 of those. Maybe the remaining one is starting to wear out and I need to be doing shorter walks with him now.

So I had to leave him behind as I went out for a walk. Not having him with me meant I could go a lot further - so I did!

Came across this old farm building and thought it would be a good subject for Derelict Sunday. Rust, moss, weeds, weathered wood, bits falling’s got the lot! I would love to get a better look at the far stall, it looks like a store for old furniture, but it would mean sneaking further onto the property.

Thanks to  Marlieske for hosting again.

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