By Holliegirl

The Aftermath

Every 5th of July, I like taking a walk around our neighborhood to bear witness to the aftermath of the night before. The ground was expectedly littered with evidence from that fun that was had. Firework fodder as far as the eye can see. Busted firecrackers, hollowed-out tubes from mortars, and burned out sparklers lying lonely on the ground. You would think seeing the streets near my home would upset a person. Quite the contrary. It filled my heart with joy to know that it was a moment that we were able to be brought together. Even though we all remained in front of our own homes. Social distanced as much as we could, yet still celebrated this holiday together. Most of the trash will be discarded and the streets will be swept before this evening is over, but the feeling that the night gave us will live on for years to come. 

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