By Holliegirl

Those eyes!

So I was doing a collaborative photo shoot for the wedding industry when I noticed a girl sitting off to the side waiting for her model friend to complete the shoot. This girl was so striking to me that I asked if I could take a few photos of her. She wasn't a model, but has these amazing features and eyes that just saw into a person's soul I had to veer from my assignment and take her photo! I put this photo on Instagram and Facebook. It got an immediate reaction, people were shocked that she wasn't a model... Then this beautiful girl reached back out to me and said that she didn't have the confidence to shoot, but after seeing this photo, she wants to build a portfolio and put herself out there. WOW! That makes me have "all the feels" as they say. I am so hopeful that this was that moment in her life that changed it. No more sitting on the sidelines... get out there and believe in yourself!

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