Tigger's Takes

By Tigger101

Yoga for birds

Sunday 5th July 2020             (backblip)

EB ...... spotted this young Starling through the window ...... it just looked as if he was doing yoga ..... hope you like it :-)

Been a bit of a hectic day ...... what happened to Sunday being a 'day of rest'?!

Bit of a hiccup with my brother this morning .... few things to sort out for him!

Last minute run around getting together things for Mum's party this afternoon ...... including vying with the bees to pick some of my Lavender as she loves it!

Mum was on good form & seemed to thoroughly enjoy her little Birthday party ...... good to see her like that!

Just a shame it was so windy .... we were in the garden because of the restrictions & we couldn't get the candles to light for her to blow them out ..... but it all added to the merriment! :-)

Stay safe everyone :-)

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