By norfolkdoc


All warmed up, set up and ready to go with my Zoom flute lesson this afternoon.

Afterwards, I did some ironing, and hoovered up the area where we've removed a filing cabinet, including a number of little (and not so little) spiders and their homes and larders.  The filing cabinet is in the garage awaiting collection this evening.  There's another small office unit advertised on the local selling group, but no takers for that as yet. 

W has done his part in clearing stuff out of the office.  Now it's my turn to tackle the many books I have on the shelves.  Every time we are in there exercising (as we were this morning) I stare at these books and make internal promises to read them/read the ones in the house, and rationalise the numbers of books.  But it's all a bit overwhelming.

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