Some more treasures

It started reasonably pleasant, but is now raining, so I'm not venturing out for a photo.

Instead, you get an indoor blip of some more treasures.  A lovely brass box - given to W by his sister, and a nice - probably soapstone - box; W isn't sure where he got that.  Both boxes are, of course, completely without useful function.  Photographed on a tablecloth that I've made from some material also brought by W from South Africa.

The cloth has appeared on previous blips, as it is permanently on the table in the dining annex of the kitchen.  We don't use the table for dining at all at the moment, preferring to eat in the garden room, but it makes a convenient place to position stuff (mainly gin, it would appear) for photographs.

In other news, both the cabinets from the office have gone to their new homes, and I've cleaned the window and then moved a cupboard into the corner where the filing cabinet was.  And I did some flute practice.  But I made no progress in tackling the books - I haven't even read any of the one I have on the go. 

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