By Kipsie


I started the day with some retail therapy .. Home Bargains, Lidl's, & Trago Mills. A fairly successful outing. Home again, loaded the car with trays of plant cuttings then off to the allotment. I had'nt been up for a couple of days, everything was gagging for a drink, that took me the best part of an hour, A couple of chats with allotment neighbours, I swapped 3 courgettes for a picking of red gooseberries. Judith has offered me the plant, she's not interested in cooking so does'nt see the point in growing fruit. Her loss, my gain. Then I picked broad beans, peas, blueberries, lifted some spuds, finally soaking the huge clump of ornamental grass ready for splitting & potting tomorrow morning. Then I sat, alone sipping my cold coffee. Everyone else had left the site, just me. So peaceful. Bliss!

The wholemeal seeded loaf made in the machine is great. The courgette, lemon, & poppy seed cake, tasty. :- )

Thanks to 60Plus for hosting

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