By Kipsie

Lost in translation

..not really, but I thought it was funny/silly, as did Ben, & his Thai wife Sopha. when I pointed out the sign. Sopha is under 5' tall, she does get away with buying children's clothes, which are cheaper as not taxable, she's just not a child. Oh! She could'nt get her bum on the swing seat either. The fact that it was a sweltering 30ishdeg c & Sopha wearing "only" her words not mine, 2 layers, plus long tight jeans AND the woolly hat could also be deemed silly. I thought it was & told her so lol!!! I need to find her a more attractive hat, one that does'nt look like a teapot cover. She is good fun though, as I said in my previous Blip we left her foraging for shellfish on the estuary at low tide. You now know that I took this pic on Friday not Saturday ... so this is a back, back, blip. Saturday was a tad busy, J & K were heading back from their hol so was stripping bed, laundering, exercising Yogi, cleaning through the house, emptying the dishwasher, yes I weakened, especially now I've located the cutlery shelf.  Loading my car. I think I had more baggage than they took to Barbados for a week. Food, walking boots etc. all need to go in, out, then back in again. I need to streamline the logistical side of my dog/housesitting. Can't remember much more about Saturday .. it's a bit of a blur now. Apart from me coming out in a nasty itchy rash & few other symptoms, which I'm hopefully going to get sorted this morning (Mon) at the docs :)

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