By Kipsie

Wish I could but I can't ..

Gin used to be my favourite tipple, gin'o'clock was chillin' time before making dinner. As Karen, Yogi's mum, was leaving to go on holiday she said to me "I know you can't drink gin any longer but know you like a cider. There's some of our own brand in the fridge, so help yourself, it's lovely with lots of ice. And she's absolutely right it is lovely with lots of ice, along with some cue, strawbs & fresh mint. Jos & Sandy sampled it today and they both gave it the thumbs up as refreshing summery tipple I'd never actually heard or seen Annings flavoured ciders on sale so must ask K where I could buy it as I think my Mum would like it.  The gin is one from their collection too. I'm not a great fan of tattoos but can see that the design on this label, which caught my eye incorporates some images people choose. The rose, bulldog, tiger, skull & crossbones, & koi.

An early coffee in bed while I finished reading The Miniaturist, then shower & brekkers. Yogi & I went to stretch our legs down in Hearn field then pottered along beside the estuary. Yogi loves the water, it looked so inviting this morning I was tempted to go in myself, but sadly not equipped. No bathers or towel.  Might go in tomorrow morning :) It's a high tide about the time I go down at the mo. A couple of paddle boarders were coming up the estuary, a double kayak going down, & a speed boat pulling a donut with screaming children on board. My peace was shattered, time to leave.
Jos & Sandy, two really good friends came  over today, we had planned to have a pootle around Shaldon then catch the passenger ferry across to Teignmouth. We'd just parked in pay & display deciding that 2-3hrs would be long enough when a lady who'd also parked told us that the parking warden was HOT on overtimers, she had been 5minnutes late last week & got a ticket, so being pre-warned we set off. Stopped at The Clipper for coffee & sat outside overlooking the mouth of the river with all the activity going on. Ships being loaded with clay across in Teignmouth, the passenger ferry going to & fro, river taxi, plus some people swimming. Time to go, caught the ferry across, had an interesting look around Teignmouth but not really long enough, should have put 4 hrs on the ticket. Hey ho!! Just have to go back again. Jumped on the ferry, grabbed a savoury snack & got back to the car dead on time. Came back to the house, sat on the decking with our late lunch, a glass of Annings pink grapefruit & pineapple cider with trimmings, making the most of the sunshine :) We were chatting about the event I'm planning to raise money for Rowcroft Hospice, bouncing ideas around, which was perfect as they had thought of stuff I needed to add to my "to do" list. Then I rang to speak to Lauren their Community Fundraising Officer who was most helpful. She took all the relevant info and has created a poster for me, which I've received as a pdf to check over before she prints them off, along with a fundraising guide. Very efficient and well organised so lets hope I get a good response & raise lots of money for the charity. Jos has kindly offered to donate the tea, coffee, squash, milk, sugar & biscuits. Sandy makes THE best brownies, so then we discussed the allergy issues especially with the recent Pret a Manger tragedy being in the news, & decided that providing we listed the ingredients in each item we're selling we should be okay. I've asked Sandy to oversee refreshments. I've already had offers of homemade cakes, for selling by the slice, & a bottle of wine for the raffle. The list is growing.

A lazy dinner - a few salami slices, a dollop of humus, 4 cherry toms & a bag of crisps while watching Wimbledon ladies singles tennis match  - Coco Gauff v Polona Hercog. A brilliant match with Coco, the 15 year old American beating Hercog in the 3rd set to go through to the next round.

Still room for a little something while watching the most amazing skies/sunset & writing this so ate my Ugly bun & a black coffee.

Now time for bed.

Thanks to Biker Bear/Anni for hosting

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