By Kipsie

Don't write me off just yet ...........

I've been dead heading roses.
Does anyone else like Sting? I'm  playing his music in the background as I write.
This morning I decided to do a good walk with Yogi instead of a lap of Hearn field with the ball. We set off nice and early, it was warming up already but fortunately we were walking uphill in the shade, ideal. We covered quite a bit of yesterday 10km walk but hit a bit of returning school run traffic, not great in narrow lanes. Yogi & I stood in tight to the hedge to let a car pass, Me remarking out loud  "come on, you could drive a bus through there", not realising the chap had his window down. OPS!!! Got back, phoned hubby to arrange a meet up, then noticed I'd missed a call from friends of ours over on holiday from Thailand. Gave them a call & met up with them for a drink by the river. Sopha wearing a long sleeved jumper, woolly hat, long, well not long, she's less than 5' tall, full length tight jeans. It was hot today ... Had a lovely catch up, Sopha had brought me Thai noodle soup herb/spice sachets for me to attempt making pork noodle soup, the one dish that hubby really liked when we lived there. We would often have Thai noodle soup for lunch. Jump on the motorbike, nip down to the cafe, wait patiently, as it was a very popular place to eat. The soup all went into a cellophane bag, first the meat (all pre-cooked,  not masses just a little of each - sliced pork, red pork, liver, deep fried pork, crackling, then beansprouts, crushed peanuts, deep fried crispy garlic, msg, a slice of mooli, chopped fresh coriander,  boiling hot meat stock last of all, then sealed with an elastic band. In separate little packets were sugar, & chilli flakes. All this for 30bht/60pence. well it was 60 pence. The exchange rate is pretty dire now. Now pressure for me lol!!  I'll do my best, Sopha said she will show me how she makes hers before they go back in 3 weeks time. That could be next week. I'll keep you posted. When we said goodbye Sopha was down on the estuary foraging for shellfish. Last time she was over we collected oysters off the beach and she made oyster omelet.
We came back & I cooked the steak I'd bought earlier. Did'nt have any flavour whatsoever. Never mind. Hubby left to go and water my plants on the allotment on his way home, Yogi & I went out for our afternoon runabout. We passed a dog agility class that was being run on Hearn field. Yogi did'nt fancy running through tunnels or walking on  see-saws so we left them to it, walked up through the fields of barley, nearly lost another ball. What, not again? I hear you say .. Yep!
A beautiful warm Summer's evening here & tomorrow will be ... A Brand New Day,

Thanks to Ingeborg for hosting

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