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 ............. Monday337   (MM337)  -  optional challenge of " Alone "  -  set by 60plus  -  thank you.

I lifted a lot of slabs in preparation for  the new greenhouse  which is arriving in late August.  I decided I could use four of them as bases for pots at each side of the bench ............ so, yesterday afternoon, I ALONE started lifting the turf and trying to level the the ground to lay the slabs ......... how bl**dy frustrating that was ....... the garden doesn't just slope it's very uneven ....... three hours later I had two slabs laid to my satisfaction.
Today I set about laying the other two ........... well, a very large root was in the way, managed to deal with that (the air was blue with some very forceful words - lol) but it got done - another three hours give or take.   A bit of reseeding around the slabs and under the bench and in a few months they should look like they have always been there.  Hopefully.

I hadn't intended to post these on blip so they are really just snapshots to look back on ............ not works of art!!!!

Broken a couple of nails, got a couple (!!) of ant bites on my hands and I've done something to a nerve in my back HOWEVER I did it all on my own and am feeling a bit chuffed about that - I doubt I will ever get employment as a paviour but I feel a certain amount of self-satisfaction.     :o))

Smiles for the Day:

Signs in offices ..........

Of course I don't look busy - I did it right the first time.

I thought, at one point, I could see the light at the end of the tunnel - it turned out it was some ba**ard with a torch bringing me more work.

Warning:  Dates on the calendar are closer than they appear.

Boom boom!


~ Anni ~

Backblipped on Tuesday 7th for Monday 6 June 2020.
Pic one taken Sunday, pics two and three taken on Monday.

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