The new normal

Four months ago I would have been immensely surprised to see someone wandering around the town wearing a face mask.  Today it doesn't even raise an eyebrow.  Not everyone wears them, but it is very common.  It is also common for face masks to slip out of position so that they don't fully cover the nose and mouth.

All the local barber shops (and we have several of them in the town) were busy today.  I noticed that one of them had a notice asking customers to respect the one metre distancing rule.  However, that same shop also "limited the amount of customers inside the shop".  Presumably one metre distancing is OK if you leave your legs or some other part of your body outside the shop.  (Apologies to those who aren't language pedants.)

On the way back home I met a near neighbour that I haven't seen for months, so we stopped for a long chat (from opposite sides of the road).  It was good to catch up.

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