The Hungarian visitor

Photo- evening walk around Airthrey loch, Stirling University.
Many years ago we hosted an Hungarian student , Sophie, and she invited us to visit her once she returned home.  This is a video I made.
(Link:  We were there on the night  in Budapest when Hungary voted to join the Common Market.
So today when a a big 6ft muscular Hungarian man with a beard and a mask, known as The Bear, came to collect equipment 
borrowed from the council I wanted to know his story.
What brought him to Scotland?
“ Work. There isn’t any in Hungary. I had heard of Scotland’s scenery and I love the outdoors- hiking shooting and fishing. 

“ I got a job straightaway as a care worker, no training necessary. No, I had never done that kind of work before.”

But he had ambitions.
“It’s very easy in this country to set up your own business with government grants. So I decided to combine my passion for photography with the outdoors.”
After a couple of false starts (“ I did’nt have the contacts to get into the corporate world.”)
he hit on the idea of a niche business offering a bespoke marriage photography package for international clients wanting an unusual wedding venue against Scotland’s spectacular scenery.
“ Did you know you can get married anywhere in Scotland and all you need are two witnesses, one of which may be a dog?”
Sadly since the pandemic his business is on hold.
So he has temporary job with the council collecting equipment.

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