Drink,drink, drink

How much of Bridge of Allan would be open today following the cautious lifting of lockdown?
Well, the Westerton pub have converted their car park into a beer garden but it is less than half full.
 No social distancing. The front door is locked and customers invited to go around the back. 
The streets and traffic are as busy as I have ever seen.
Lockdown seems to have evaporated. Only three Asian students wearing masks hint that all is not normal. 
But within the space of sixty minutes  two ambulances rush past with sirens blazing and blue lights flashing.
Now city dwellers may not find that unusual  but I can assure you in our wee small Victorian spa town the sight of  two  ambulance belting through the streets in less than an hour is a cause for some alarm.
Has someone we know about to meet his or her Maker?
Clearly the excitement of today’s  lifting of lockdown has been too much for some.
Remember this Drinking song?

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