Seems it is really happening....

Donna Hayes's play, Silent Voices, has been start and stop, start and wait, get ready and then full stop, for the past two years. I am committed to supporting a reading of the play, and now a filmed reading--whether there is ever a full stage production or not. I am completely involved in phone calls, emails, text messages, rewrites, and protocols for working together without putting vulnerable bodies at risk of Covid-19, which of course is currently surging through the USA like a great toxic tidal wave. We may have three Black male actors to choose from, a new character for Donna to write a monolog for, a video team, a professional video editor, and a retired film director all working to help us make this thing happen. You note I said may have. Nothing is tied down and certain yet, but I am working on it all the waking hours of my days and nights right now. Comments off. I won't be on Blip every day. Cross your fingers for everything to come together by Saturday. 

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