We're rolling!

I made this photo on Wednesday when I went to the car caravan to meet in person with Donna and check some final details with her. She rides in the lead car of the protest caravan every Wednesday and Friday evening, providing a way for people to join the BLM protests without having to risk being in a crowd.

I'm writing this on Saturday morning. We'll have our first rehearsal this afternoon, and I'm here to report that we will audition today four Black actors who all have acting experience, ability, talent, and enthusiasm for performing in Donna's play/movie. We have three parts for them and we need an understudy, so they will all be cast, and our job today is to fit the right actor to the right part. Back in March we had auditions for all the other parts. 

We also have a talented video crew of five skilled video artists: three videographers, a still photographer, and an editor, and they are bringing a carload of equipment, all on loan to us for no money. All have made strong commitments to do the work, despite the fact that this is an all-volunteer project. We're going to have a documentary of the making of this video in a time of Covid-19, which means no more than 10 people in the theatre (also ours for no money) at a time, including the video crew; everyone masked and distant from each other, working with one actor only, and later the film cutting will put them together. I'll post again after the four-hour rehearsal today. It's coming together, and it has been an enormous effort to get to this point. Now we begin.

P.S. I had a regularly-scheduled medical procedure for my arthritic right knee and talked with the Physician's Assistant who administers the treatment. He tells me the hospital is now seeing people who have Covid for the second time; apparently immunity only lasts a few weeks after recovery from the virus. Not good news but important to know. I think some people, having recovered from it, believed they were immune. Not so.

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