By Helwild

Common Red Soldier Beetle

It almost felt like a pre-covid day....?

Food shopping for dad first thing and then a visit to see him, drop the food off and check he was ok.

A walk around Trentham this afternoon enjoying the sunny spells, where I spotted this gorgeous beetle on an Achillea in the floral labyrinth part of the gardens.

Meeting with friends.

Yoga class this evening.

Only it wasn't......

Social distancing at the supermarket, and being allowed to enter the store by staff at the entrance

A brief visit to dad as I'm not really allowed to go into his flat for long and no trip out for him as he's shielding.

My trip to Trentham has to be booked to ensure limited numbers allowed in the grounds.

Meeting with friends and yoga class was via Zoom.

It's amazing how we have come up with solutions to continue with our lives during this time.

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