fools challenge

By ladypop

Water Lillies, movie title

A dull day with rain early evening.  Did housework this morning, chat with a friend on the phone and then had a call from hospital.  Have to attend a London hospital on Friday, which means taking the train and then walking, not too keen but suppose I have to. At least things are better there now and know the hospital will be well organised.

This afternoon a friend who is a nurse came round for a cuppa and we discussed the hospital visit, decided to go after talking to her.  S. came round late afternoon and we went for a walk over the brickfield lakes. Peaceful, only a couple of fishermen on the opposite side, loved the blip, disturbed the mum and ducklings so took this quickly.  Trying to fit it into a film title was not so easy but Water Lillies was a 2007 romantic drama and the extra could be Shadow Lake, 1999 film a mystery thriller.

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