a lifetime burning

By Sheol

The Fly

Wide Wednesday: They Fly

This one is specially for my sister who is in Southmead at the moment being prodded and pushed by the medical profession, for the best of possible reasons.  My movie themed wide Wednesday photo is of a brass fly ash tray.  

My grandfather was a smoker - but he was born in the Victorian era and most people smoked at that stage it would seem.  My Dad never smoked.  My Mum was a smoker when she met Dad but gave up when she was pregnant.  So the fact that my parents owned and retained this brass fly ashtray seems strangely incomprehensible somehow.  I think it might have been given to them as a gift but by who?  There is a hinge behind the head that allows the wings to lift and close operating as a lid for any still burning cigarette embers.

Janet and I were speaking on the phone earlier and she had forgotten all about "the fly" until I mentioned it.  Needless to say, this ugly monster featured a lot in childhood games. :-)

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