Peninsula Light

By PeninsulaLight


A lot of catching up in the garden today, and weather permitting, more tomorrow. A fairly decent crop of black currants, that the Blackbirds haven't (yet) cottoned on to. Did see a Robin having one or two, which was quite entertaining, as it struggled with agility, and strength to pull them off. Swithering about making jam with those picked so far, or not.

The cherries in the neighbourhood must be ripening, as I found the first tell-tale sign - a stone from one, below a favoured Blackbird vantage point. Hadn't realised that other creatures would eat the stones, or nibble on the outside to reach the inner seed, until finding some little rodent's food store hidden under my (rarely moved) wheelie bin. There were a few eaten ones in amongst the large numbers of Ash tree 'keys'.

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