Came across this former Rodent's Larder, or stash, that had been hidden underneath one of the wheelie bins - the one for landfill waste, that's rarely filled, or put out. Perhaps a sensible move on furry fellow's part, though the compost one was possibly generating a bit of heat over the Winter months, with a load of stuff waiting for collections to resume in the Spring. Maybe it lived under that, and kept the larder separately. I know not of their activities.

Quiet day with some much needed tidying up in the garden.

Added a lot more waffle to yesterday's Blip, and a nice couple of stitched panoramas (IMHO). I knew there was something wrong about it, and only realised whilst doing some catching up with the back-Blipping, that it was loaded against the wrong day. This day! Once sorted, all became clear, and those extras could go against the correct date.

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