Naked ... Truth

Learned a few facts over the last couple of days.  The lobbyists have won and Calmac have been 'persuaded' to reduce physical distancing from 2m to 1m to increase ferry capacity.  This piece of news comes hand in hand with news that a couple of favourite destination campsites have taken the difficult decision not to open this year (Fidden and Uisken) but suspect the campervan hire companies don't know this, as some of their tours still recommend the Fidden campsite).  Plus the council has ordered the closure of the toilets at Calgary where a lot of free camping happens.  In fact it looks like the only public toilets that may be open are those at the pier at Fionnphort.  I think we can all guess what sort of storm is coming our way.

This isn't the slow, proactive approach to opening up the islands that we were reassured would happen.

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