A great day today!  We had our first outing to a garden centre, which was more pots and statues than plants.  We were after pots.  All outside and very few people once the car had parked.  (Not a lot of parking). We found three pots I liked and went to pay.  I was a little apprehensive as I thought it meant going inside, but no it was all outside and our charming young cashier was protected by a sheet of Perspex.  When I had entered the number on the machine she immediately disinfected it.  A good experience!

Lunch and a walk.  This started as some long red flowers in a hedgerow as we waited for a lady pushing her pram to pass.    Then I used icolorama which is nearly a first for me so very unexpected!  Into Affinity for the frame.

Many thanks to Inge for hosting Abstract Thursday - unexpected!

Much better large!

 I’ve added an extra as I like it even more than the main one!  Another icolorama experiment!  It started life as part of a spiral bound book I use as a diary. (Sort, tunnel, Escher). Again very a unexpected result! 

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