Talbot Sunbeam


Here's Dad's car. A Talbot Sunbeam. It went to Germany with him in 1955 and the photo shows its return to England. That's my eldest brother looking just like one of his grandsons.

Later, the Talbot came to Malta with us and that's my first memory of it.

My parents returned to the UK with 6 children and a Vauxhall Victor was purchased.  The front seat was a bench. Lucy was born and the car accommodated all 9 of us!

I hoped to be home from this morning's walk to start making my calls at 10am. I don't know where the time went but it was 11.40 when I finally got home. Hetty settled down (thank heavens!)

Clive has been working very hard for a particular university and it's been a stressful week. Especially with his mum's decline.

Gary, who had a heart attack and cardiac arrest in February,  returned to work today.  

Miracles happen!

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