Accidental exercise in D.o.F.

Various choices. "What a grey day", with apologies to Larry Grayson for alteration of catch-phrase) A herring gull (mostly grey) on a chimney vent (all grey) against the sky clouds (all grey), numerous shots of the 20-30mins of snow we got this a.m., several blurred Gulls, which were too @£$%^ fast for the 300mm mirror and a few half pigeons which were too close for 300mm use.

Before we plucked up courage for a voyage out The Noble Leader quoth thusly ...
"You're supposed to be able to do a Macro with a telephoto, aren't you?"
"Yup, like this." he said, pointing out of the window at the nearest option, some unclipped dead sedum spectabile heads. It wasn't until it was on the iPhoto© that I spotted the narrow band of in-focus.
Must think about focus-stacking sometime.
Must think about affording the kit 1st.

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