Corner Tavern

Jill wanted a margarita, and I wanted coffee beans, so I went to Corner Tavern. It sells beans roasted by the local coffee shop. The coffee shop had been closed because of the pandemic, so going here was the next easiest thing. There's a sign outside about masks. I might get a photo of that next time I'm here, which might be tomorrow because Jill loved her margarita and wants another.

An unmasked man got in line behind me. I noticed he had stickers for local businesses (the brewery we get beer from and the coffee shop), so I mentioned them. He stood close to me and talked to me. I feel so paranoid. Keep your distance and wear a mask, please.

I got Jill's margarita in a plastic cup, but the place had no beans. I drove by the coffee shop and saw that it was open, so I ducked in. There were two customers inside. They weren't wearing masks because how do you drink coffee through a mask? The worker at the counter had on a mask, and there was a big plastic barrier in front of her. There also was a person seated outside, unmasked. Sigh.

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