By FotoAlex

Leave your politics

This sign is on a door at Corner Tavern, which Jill and I visited a day after I went. She liked her margarita and wanted me to get one too. I like this sign. Please, people, just wear your masks. The virus doesn't care about your politics. Science is real. Don't listen to a stupid politician who wants to reopen restaurants and doesn't care about body counts (looking at you, Florida's and Arizona's governors).

I had to work, so I put my drink in the fridge. After my shift, the ice watered it down a bit, so it wasn't as good. But it was still nice. I'll get one, and a sandwich, during my next furlough, which starts the 20th. Ugh, we're still going through that crap. This is going to be my lowest-paid year since I worked for beans at a job in Amarillo, Texas, a decade ago.

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